Design & Development

Or in other words: "The way I like to work"

Development includes server and client side programing (PHP and JavaScript), database design, processing input data etc. Critical point here is hacker safety, protection against all kind of attacks, well written and optimized code, well structured database, which includes the use of indexes and right distribution of the data amongst different tables.

A good developer must test its scripts well and ensure they are free of bugs.

Apart from being beautiful, simple and intuitive web site must be "cross-browser", HTML code should be valid and optimized for best performance, reducing the rendering time to minimum. The same is for CSS.

Intuitive design is such, which suggests to the user what to do. But this would not be a universal definition for intuitive design, because one and the same design for one would be intuitive and for other - no. Besides, in time everyone gets used to even with the most unintuitive design.

In order to surf easily every user should have same basic experience, for example unless fallen from the Moon, everybody has seen a menu. But to complete some specific action, the user will need to learn something new. This is the purpose of the intuitive design - "to fill the gap", to reduce this "white spot" between what we already know and what we should know in order to use the site.

Rule 1 - simplify. Although, it doesn't always mean that complicated is unintuitive.

Rule 2 - ask the others. Ask your friends to look at the site, try to use it and say what they think. Leave them to try on their own and see how easily they will use it.